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Maid Marian Way: People in Nottingham city centre excited for renovations to major roundabout

People in Nottingham city centre say they are looking forward to a major roundabout being renovated and made easier to deal with for pedestrians. The roundabout where Derby Road and Upper Parliament Street meet Maid Marian Way will be replaced by a T-junction, it was announced on Tuesday, February 6.

The traffic light-controlled junction will also incorporate pedestrian crossings and improved cycle facilities. The changes mean the current green space in the middle of the roundabout will be replaced by areas of planting around the edges of the new junction.

Anam Fatima, 20, a social worker at Al-Hurraya, resides near the roundabout: “I think it’s going to be a lot more convenient. But it’s really pretty in summer and to lose that would be a shame. Crossing isn’t very convenient and that’s really annoying. However, the problem is that not a lot of funding goes into important issues like homelessness. I don’t think investing in city planning should be considered a priority at the moment.”

An off-peak road closure, between 9.30am and 3.30pm, will be in place on weekdays during the roundabout. The council says 41 trees will be replanted in the area once the project is finished.

John Horan, 68, a retired chef, from Beeston, said: “I don’t drive into the city anymore, I only pass through it occasionally. I think the pedestrian crossings we have at the moment are very easy to use. However, If they’re planning on having more crossings, that’s even better.”

Rachel Barker, 34, told Nottinghamshire Live: “I think anything to have more access to pedestrian crossings, shops and restaurants is always good. Although, I’m not sure what it will do for the traffic. I feel like that would be really bad for people coming into town in the morning. Everything has its pros and cons.”

Sidra Razza, 27, a Park Plaza employee, who lives in Hyson Green, said: “I’m from Barcelona where the transport system is amazing which is why I think this is a good initiative. However, this may not be the right time considering the city council’s financial status at the moment. We’re in 2024 and it’s about time to start making smart choices.”

Nottingham City Council's Portfolio Holder for Highways, Transport and Planning, Councillor Angela Kandola, said: "This is a rare opportunity to transform a polluted, outdated roundabout so that more consideration, priority and space is given to pedestrians and cyclists, as well as improving the junction for vehicles. It's clear that work needs to be done to improve this area and make it safer for everyone, so it's great to see these Government-funded works now kicking off."

The main construction works will begin in April and the new junction is expected to be complete by spring 2025. It follows a public consultation carried out in 2022 where more than half of pedestrians responding said the current roundabout was 'poor' or 'very poor' for pedestrians to use.

As well as work to the roundabout itself, the junction of Mount Street and Maid Marian Way will be altered to make it simpler for pedestrians to cross the road and traffic will also be able to turn right from Mount Street. A new left turn will also be opened on Park Row to allow traffic to head north onto Maid Marian Way for routes heading north and east.

In terms of how much disruption there will be during the main works, Nottingham City Council has previously said: "Undeniably it's a busy part of the city's road network and a large and ambitious project, so there will be knock-on impacts. Our teams will manage the works in stages, scheduling the most disruptive work for less busy times and always ensuring people can still get where they want. There will be delays as with any major infrastructure project."

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