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Our Aims

In 2022, our approach to delivering lasting change in the sector will be focused around the central pillars of enabling better understanding of wellbeing, greater understanding of how to promote better health and lifestyle and a risk based approach to safety, as well as forging relationships and greater collaboration. These will be centred around the following: 

  • Collaboration - Working alongside industry trade bodies, thought leaders and clients, we aim to foster a collaborative approach towards raising standards in Health, Safety and Wellbeing. 

  • Health and Wellbeing - Specifically in 2022, wellbeing will be a key focus. We will be launching the 'Road to Better Wellbeing' framework around wellbeing 

  • Safety - a key focus in 2020 will entail looking at how innovation can begin to drive a behavioural change within road workers and road users; enhancing their focus to think about safety of themselves and others.

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