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Spending plan revealed for £12 million Essex Highways boost

Enforcement, resurfacing and rural roads are just some of the areas benefitting from Essex Highways’ additional funds.

An extra £12 million allocated to Essex Highways will fund several priority areas for residents.

The funding boost was approved by Essex County Council at its recent Full Council meeting as part of the 2024/25 budget.

In addition to its normal yearly budget, the extra money will ensure Essex Highways continues delivering the council’s priority to enable safer, greener and healthier travel across the county.

This includes but is not limited to:

• £8 million for additional crews in each borough, city and district to prioritise repairs raised by local councillors.

• £2 million for Local Highways Panels to deliver large schemes, freeing up existing budgets for small schemes.

• £350,000 to fund three months of defect repairs over the summer. This will expedite repairs in rural areas affected by flooding and winter damage.

• £300,000 to enable winter-safe crews to deliver more maintenance and repairs over the next winter.

• £100,000 to increase enforcement capabilities and hold landowners accountable for maintaining foliage.

• £100,000 for additional highway resurfacing works across Essex.

• £49,500 for additional communications resources, ensuring residents and members are better informed.

Councillor Tom Cunningham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Sustainable Transport, said: “From enforcement to Local Highways Panels, Essex

Highways is responsible for a wide variety of areas many people may not know about.

“The £12 million is a significant boost to helps us look after and improve one of the largest road networks in the country. This includes getting more crews in each borough, city and district to prioritise repairs raised by local councillors.”

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