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National Highways starts search for new £495M technical services framework

National Highways is set to retender its technical consultancy framework, which covers geotechnical engineering services.

In a recent prior information notice, National Highways confirmed that it will replace its current specialist professional and technical services framework 2 (SPATS2) with the new SPATS3.

The new framework, valued at approximately £495M, would cover the period of 2024-2030. This includes the final year of National Highways’ RIS2 and all of RIS3.

It plans to start the tendering process within the next six to 12 months, reports Ground Engineering.

The current SPATS2 provides specialist, professional and technical advice and support to National Highways as it works to meet the targets for its Second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2).

The suppliers would be expected to provide road transport related technical consultancy, engineering advice, research and innovation services.

These will include, among other things, geotechnical engineering; asset operation, maintenance, assurance and performance; design standards manuals and departures; environmental; highways structures; sustainability; and transport engineering services.

National Highways is holding a market engagement day in Birmingham on 28 November. The day will provide an opportunity for potential suppliers to gain a broader understanding of the requirements and the emerging plans for the SPATS3 framework.

National Highways expects to award places on the framework in March 2025.

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