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National Highways record 188 incursions in February

In the month of February National Highways recorded 188 incursions into traffic management through their internal reporting system – now known as HART.

In the fourth month since National Highways Incursions and working group commenced the release of monthly comparison data around incursions into roadworks through Safer Highways, there were a total of 188 recorded over the calendar month.

Incursions as a result of a breakdown topped the list with a total of 80 with the majority happening on major projects (77).

The numbers were down significantly on January’s number of 235 incursions, although much of this could be due to inaccuracies due to the implementation of the new HART reporting system and supply chain learning into how to report into a new portal.

The number of IPV strikes across the month totalled 4, although upon examination, only one of these was an actual strike, occurring in the east midlands on the M1, with the others being incidents where reports had been generated under incorrect categories.

The heat map (left) shows that the majority of incursions have occurred on major projects, many of which are involved in heavily urban areas such around cities (Birmingham, Manchester and London), both of which are long established hot spots due to the convergence of a number of SRN roads.

Comparatively, the figures represent a plateau in the number of incusrions month on month, thus showing that despite traffic volumes returning to a near-normal level there has been little or no increase in the number of serious incidents.

The numbers, however, do not include the fatality of Kevin Jarvis in early March who died as a result of an incursion as a result of a high speed police chase, this will be included in the March figures.

Click below to download the document

IPV and Incursions Working Group Report - February 2022-1
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