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National Highways announce major £1.3m M6 resurfacing project

National Highways have announced a major £1.3million road resurfacing project leading to significant travel disruptions.

The work will involve large sections of the southbound carriageway around junction 36 of the motorway in overnight wear and tear work starting on 10 January, and is expected to last 5 weeks.

As well as sections of the main carriageway across all three lanes, the southbound entry slip road will also be resurfaced.

All the work will be done overnight between 8pm and 6am, using lane closures only, when motorway traffic is at its lightest.

The southbound carriageway within junction 36 itself will be closed overnight for six consecutive nights from Tuesday 8 February. Drivers will be able to use the southbound exit and entry slip roads at junction 36 to leave and immediately re-join the motorway with a simple ‘off and on’ diversion.

As well as the resurfacing, National Highways will be repainting road markings and installing new road studs. The work is taking place along a mile-long section of the carriageway south of junction 36.

National Highways project manager Frank Jamieson said:

“This is essential – if routine – maintenance to keep this section of the M6 in a good condition for the thousands of commuters, lorry drivers and other drivers who use this section of the motorway every day.”

Author: Darren Shield

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