FM Conway enters the electric charge point market with a unique turnkey solution

FM Conway has entered the electric vehicle (EV) charging market with a unique service that combines expertise in chargepoint installation with an understanding of the needs of local authority clients.

SureCharge is a turnkey solution that will help local authorities scale up their EV chargepoint provision while optimising their budgets and minimising disruption to residents.

The solution sees FM Conway funding and installing chargepoints, using existing lighting columns where possible to avoid digging in the carriageway or footway.

Under the SureCharge offer, FM Conway also operates and maintains the chargepoints, with revenue shared between the company and the local authority.

Sales of electric vehicles are expected to increase dramatically following the government’s announcement in November 2020 that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned in the UK after 2030.

More than 66,600 pure electric vehicles (EVs) were sold in the first nine months of 2020 and, since the government announcement, leading car manufacturers including Ford, Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover have committed to going all-electric. As a result, there is a massive requirement for EV charging points in cities throughout the UK.

A programme to install 50,000 on-street chargepoints in London is already underway, and over the last two years, FM Conway has installed around 1,500 public chargepoints for other contractors in London boroughs including Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster.

As a result of this experience, the business was convinced it could offer a better, more efficient chargepoint solution combining its expertise in smart technology, understanding of local authorities’ needs and experience in delivery and maintenance. The result is SureCharge, which gives clients an end-to-end EV charging solution that wraps funding, installing, operating and maintaining charger networks into one package.

SureCharge was developed by the lighting division, as one of the many innovations involves using existing lighting columns to provide the power and mounting for the chargepoints. By doing this, any local authority’s existing infrastructure can be

transformed into a network of smart, internet-connected devices without the need for permits, extra street furniture or digging up the roads.

Where this is not possible, FM Conway can easily install the chargers on standalone pedestals.

“This is a full turnkey solution,” explains FM Conway’s lighting director Graham Cartledge.

“We can do everything from the cost study – how many chargepoints you need in the borough and where to put them – through to funding, installing, billing, monitoring and maintaining.”

FM Conway is offering flexible funding and revenue sharing options. And, through green electricity supplier Octopus, tariffs can be tailored to meet each client’s requirements – for example lower tariffs for residents than visitors, or lower prices for charging overnight than during the day. Meanwhile, FM Conway monitors the chargepoints through internet-linked smart sensors and a helpline for users.

The first SureCharge chargepoints are being installed in the London boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow, Kingston and Merton, in partnership with Joju Charging. Its technical director Dr Chris Jardine says: “Joju Charging is excited to be helping councils provide EV chargepoints on street lights for their residents, offering councils an affordable infrastructure for change, and we’re looking forward to delivering an increasing number in the future, in partnership with FM Conway.

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