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Drivers caught breaking the law on Cornwall's roads

Devon and Cornwall Police has been busy catching a number of foolish drivers breaking the law on the roads in Cornwall in recent weeks. Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team has been working hard to make sure our roads are safe for all ahead of summer traffic, and some silly motorists have lost their driving privileges.

A shocking number of drivers have been caught breaking a range of driving laws, resulting in fines, points and in several cases the seizure of their vehicles. We have listed some of the most recent traffic bad driver moments below.

In the last two weeks, police have caught drivers using their mobile phones, speeding, driving without insurance or a valid licence. In some cases, people were driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

A driver was stopped in Newquay for taking a call while behind the wheel. The Clio driver was hit with six points and reported. A van driver in Bodmin was also stopped for the same offence, and was reported.

Unfortunately there are a lot of speedsters driving around Cornwall too. A driver was caught breaking the limit along the A30 at Bodmin on a sunny afternoon, but the weather is never an excuse to speed.

Further into Cornwall, down in Truro, a Mini sped past an unmarked police car "too fast and recklessly". They were stopped and reported for their excessive speed.

A number of stolen vehicles were stopped by officers. A stolen van from St Austell was tracked up the A30 to Okehampton. Two runners escaped into a nearby field where dog units worked to detain them both safely.

A stolen Mercedes was found parked up by CCTV in Newquay. The owners, who were down on holiday, were happy to have their car returned to them.

Another Mercedes was stopped in Summercourt for being uninsured with an expired MOT. It turned out to be the second car that the driver had had seized in a week, not a great week for them.

An uninsured driver was stopped by police in Truro. He tried to give officers false details because he had been disqualified from driving. He was reported and had his car seized.

Police pulled over a vehicle on the A30 for excess speed, turns out the driver was positive for cannabis. A search of the vehicle uncovered a large amount of cash and class A and B drugs resulting in the driver's arrest.

Two drivers in Launceston caught the attention of police. One for drink driving over the legal limit resulting in them being charged.

The other, had an expired provisional licence and tested positive for cannabis and cocaine on the roadside. The Suzuki driver was arrested and bloods were taken for analysis.

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