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Cheeky council road workers tarmac AROUND a parked car 'that wouldn't move'

Residents say they have been left puzzled after council workers decided to tarmac around the edges of a vehicle parked by the side of a road instead of moving it.

Cheeky council workers resurfacing a road have left local residents fuming after they decided to tarmac around a car.

People living on Andrews Lane in Formby, Merseyside looked out of their windows on Tuesday to find a brand new surface along their road - aside from a small patch around a white Volkswagen Up.

The car's awkward position by the side of the road came despite the local authority reportedly putting up large signs asking people to avoid parking on the road on the day.

Sefton Council said it had also made "every effort" to contact the owner of the car prior to the work being started, but said they could not be found.

The workers' decision to leave the section bare has however since created a minor stir among locals on social media, with some asking why they didn't move the car until the works were completed.

Others however spoke out in defence of the road workers, as one said:

"The car was there while they were trying to lay the new tarmac despite there being several bright yellow signs up saying not to park there on that day, so not really their fault."

Another commented on the post: "I hope there's a good reason that car wasn't moved, because I doubt the road will be resurfaced again any time soon..."

One resident wrote: "They had big signs all down the street for days warning the road was being resurfaced so really they shouldn’t have to be knocking at doors, but as the comments say it’s an awful job even if the car wasn’t there!"

A Sefton Council spokesperson confirmed that staff would return to complete the section once the car had been moved

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