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Barhale fits thumbs up signs to excavators

Barhale Construction Services (BCS) has fitted safety systems to 26 new Kubota excavators to reduce the risk of them running into site workers.

The LED thumbs up sign indicates that the machine is disabled and it is safe to approachThe technology, developed by Cheshire-based Safety Shield Global, has cameras that recognise the human form and a digital thumbs up system.If an operative gets too close to a working machine, an alarm sounds to alert both the driver and the site worker at risk.

An LED display on the outside of the cab indicates if it is safe to approach the vehicle, with a big green thumb.With this system, when a site user wants to approach a machine, they give a traditional thumbs up to the operator.

Once the operator has seen this manual signal, they acknowledge it by bringing the machine to a controlled stop and then pressing the in-cab ‘Thumbs Up’ button to isolate the machine’s controls – effectively disabling it. The digital shield then displays an LED thumbs-up to indicate that it is safe to approach the machine.

The kit has been fitted by BCS to six new Kubota KX030s, ten Kubota KX060s and a further ten Kubota KX080s diggers.BCS head of hire Steve Day believes the human form recognition cameras and digital thumbs up system will make an important contribution to site safety.

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