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61 convictions and counting using SafetyCam evidence

Over the last three years, SafetyCam has been deployed on over 600 schemes and in every Highways England area. The road worker safety vehicle, can be used in a number of different ways to improve driver behaviour, and when looking in detail at road worker abuse and incursions into traffic management, this conspicuous visual deterrent has proven to be an effective tool to help Stamp it Out.

Since October 2017, approximately 6000 incursions into road works have been reported in Airsweb. Proving that this is just the tip of the iceberg, in the same time frame, Carnell’s modest fleet of SafetyCam vehicles has captured over 700 vehicle incursions on the strategic roads network.

Acknowledging the scale of the problem is an important step in educating drivers of the dangers our workforce face and allows us to engineer safer working environments. SafetyCam however enables dangerous occurrences to be captured and quickly provides prosecution-ready evidence, so that traffic management regulations and the laws of the road can be enforced effectively.

Working with the client to agree on the best course of action has led to Carnell’s engagement with 9 police forces across the country. From this, 61 convictions have been secured, with another 350 awaiting a result. The remainder are judged to have been unintentional, with no action necessary.

Getting a positive result is not something that is quick or easy. With police resources stretched, it is necessary to tailor the approach to each forces requirements to ensure a minimal amount of administration on their part. Therefore, it is imperative that the evidence is robust, as well as GDPR compliant, so that a notice of intended prosecution or warning letter can be issued at the police’s discretion, changing the behaviour of those that put our colleagues at risk.

The aim of the Stamp it Out campaign is to increase the proportion of road worker abuse and incursions being reported and ultimately the elimination of these incidents, improving the safety and wellbeing of road workers.

SafetyCam has also had success in making our roads safer in the following ways:

  • Routinely used to report on speeding site vehicles.

  • Dramatically reducing numbers of HGVs ignoring diversion routes and using local roads.

  • Enforcing weight limits on motorway bridges.

  • Reducing drivers jumping red-lights at road works.

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