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Van gadget saves Breedon fuel

Quarry products supplier Breedon has reduced its vehicle fuel consumption by 12.2% by installing driver coaching devices in its 380 vans.

Breedon head of health and safety Nigel Clamp said: “By engaging with our drivers and giving them a reason to be smoother, safer, more mindful, and more efficient, we’re not only dramatically cutting emissions, but we’re also lowering the frequency and severity of accidents on the road. That keeps our drivers safer in their daily duties and, in doing so, contributes to lower levels of vehicle wear and tear, and costs associated with vehicle downtime.

“By routinely recognising our staff, and encouraging positive competition through Lightfoot’s leagues, our drivers are motivated day-in, day-out to be better. That enhances positive competition and driver engagement in a way that has not been possible before, and provides a win-win outcome at every level; from the individual driver through to the environment. As a result, we’ve gone from just 12% of our drivers achieving Elite Driver status during the Lightfoot blind trial period, to 100% consistently hitting that target each and every week. That’s driving big fuel savings and emissions reductions. “But that’s not all. Lightfoot’s technology also flags engine faults, MoT and tax renewal dates, and provides battery health alerts. These ancillary services allow us to operate our fleet as efficiently as possible, and deal with issues before they become a problem. Combined with impressive driver engagement levels, Lightfoot leaves traditional telematics far behind.”

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