As we sit in the midst of the global pandemic that is the Coronavirus, now more than ever, the role of the doctors and nurses within our NHS is a vital one.

Every day they risk their own lives to care for the sick who are battling this terrible disease.

But in order to do this, it is vital that they have the correct PPE.

Those of you who watch the news or read the papers will have heard how the supplies of PPE are becoming critically low, none more so than in the London area; the epicenter of the virus at present in the UK.

This is why, alongside WSP and KPMG, Safer Highways is appealing to the wider community who operate in the London area to assist with the urgent supply of PPE - specifically gowns/coveralls - for supply in London (spec of gowns/coveralls as per pg.4 of the attached document).

Click Here to View the Specifications (Page 4)

Where you have kit or equipment or have access to it, can you please enter the details you have in the attached spreadsheet and email this directly to who is liaising directly with the NHS Team. Can I please ask that you cc in your response.

At this critical time for all of us, any help you may be able to offer will be gratefully received. 

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