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Traffic Group Signals introduces rapid battery charging system

Portable and temporary signals supplier Traffic Group Signals is introducing a new Endurance Rapid Charging System to deliver faster and safer recharging of batteries to boost fleet utilisation.

The company says, with the Endurance wall charger, customers can fully recharge the 12V batteries for Traffic Group Signals’ Evo1 and Metro portable traffic lights in under 16 hours, enabling quick asset turnaround.

The new system, which is to be safely installed by a certified electrician, also offers in-built circuit protection and innovative temperature compensation. This feature ensures the system will operate in low temperatures (down to 0°c) and protects batteries by moderating the charging speed when the depot or warehouse environment is too cold/hot.

The Endurance system incorporates a seven-stage smart charge algorithm to keep battery plates clean and improve performance and increase the lifetime of a battery.

The company adds that the process is kinder to batteries and the environment, and that the system has been designed to automatically shut down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage from overcharging. For added battery protection, the Endurance Rapid Charging System also allows fully discharged batteries to be recovered, further increasing longevity and reducing the need for costly replacements.

Regarding energy savings, the new 95% efficient charging system can help reduce bills through low power use and sleep modes, which also support safe operation. The fully contained charging system also includes a kill switch, RCD, 115V hook-up and parking slots for connectors when not in use. Water, dust and chemical resistant, the system ticks every box for safe usage in a depot/workshop area.

Adam Brazier, Operations Manager at Traffic Group Signals, comments: “While developing the innovative new charging system, we worked closely with customers to understand their needs regarding depot charging requirements and the safety issues around battery management.

“This research revealed many suboptimal practices and how poor charging facilities can significantly impact the performance and reliability of temporary traffic signals. We recognised the opportunity to expertly develop a solution which supports customers to maximise fleet utilisation through faster, safer and greener battery charging.

“Our new Endurance Rapid Charging System is designed to address the balance between fleet performance and asset protection while ensuring the utmost safety. Offering a range of charging panel solutions to charge up multiple 12V 15A batteries simultaneously, Endurance system customers will be safe in the knowledge that the system will take any guesswork out of optimum charging times and conditions.”

Endurance Rapid Charging System options:

  • 2-Up 12V 20A Charging Panel for use with Evo1

  • 6-Up 12V 20A Charging Panel for use with Evo1 and Metro

  • 8-Up 12V 15A Charging Panel for use with Metro

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