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Rod Stewart invited to spend a day with county’s pothole crew

Back in March, singer Sir Rod Stewart posted footage of him and some friends filling in potholes in the road he lives in in Essex – and now they’ve been done properly by the County Council’s maintenance team.

And now the council has invited him to spend a day with its pothole-patching crew.

Sir complaining it was too damaged to drive his Ferrari on.

Essex County Council confirmed the road has now been fully repaired.

BBC Essex quotes spokesman for the Council as saying, “We would be happy for Sir Rod Stewart to accompany one of our road-patching gangs for a day,” in order for the 77 year old singer to “see how we go about repairing the carriageway”.

In his video on Instagram the 77 year old explained that the road has needed the work “for ages” but that “no-one can be bothered to do it”.

He went on to say that, “People are bashing their cars up. The other day, there was an ambulance with a burst tyre. My Ferrari can’t go through here at all.”

(Picture – Rod Stewart’s instagram)

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