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Roadworker knife threat highlights levels of abuse inside first six weeks of trailblazer trial

First six weeks on Southampton contract gives shocking insight into incursions and abuse

In its first six weeks since deployment on the Southampton City Council Contract, the Safer Highways led Jarvis app has revealed that incidents of both abuse and incursions and abuse are almost a daily occurrence.

The most shocking of these is the fact that operatives on that particular contact were faced with a member of the public who brandished a knife.

Over the course of the six week period since its launch on the contract there have been over 30 incidents of members of the public transgressing into work sites, some sadly resulting in face to face conflict with the workforce.

Speaking about the number of incidents, Kevin Robinson, founder of the Stamp it Out programme said,

"I am shocked and disappointed that we see this level of abuse and members of the public entering worksites.

"To hear that a member of the public actually felt it was acceptable to brandish a knife at one of our people is simply not ok, no matter what the circumstances.

"This is why, as a supply chain we have to stand together and say enough is enough and that we will no longer tolerate the abuse of our workforce which happens on a daily basis."

The Stamp it Out programme has been led by Safer Highways and is supported by all of the major contractors in the supply chain as well as National Highways

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