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Revolutionary EX9 Autonomous Terminal Truck heads to CES

Revolutionary EX9 Autonomous Terminal Truck heads to CES

Deeptech start-up EX9 today unveils its all-in-one automated eco-friendly transport solution for logistic and manufacturing terminals. EX9 offers Unmanned Transport as a Service dedicated to moving trailers, containers or other heavy loads on sites such as logistics warehouses, distribution hubs or industrial sites.

The service goes global after a successful pilot will DHL France. EX9 aims to lower work hardship, on-site accident risks and improve performance by 30%, while drastically reducing CO2 emissions in the global supply chain exceeding 90%. Its turnkey solution provides operators and industrial companies with fleets of autonomous shunting electric robots and makes automation accessible, safe, and simple to adopt for outdoor use cases in closed compounds. With EX9, logistic sites get efficient and go green!

Logistics (warehouses, hubs, industrial plants) are a key factor for globalized markets. Goods need physically moving from their place of production to the homes, factories and sites where they are expected, and they all rely on fluid supply chains. In an ever-growing e-commerce market, logistics companies need to meet two requirements: resilience and sustainability.

Today, reducing CO2 emissions, ensuring better work conditions to the personnel and making job safer and attractive also add to the list of benefits. With over 450k shunting operators and drivers missing in Europe since Covid, logistic operators are struggling to hire. The question that confronts logistic and manufacturing companies is simple enough: which solutions will help tick all the boxes and harvest the greatest return on investment?

Accelerate automation in logistic sector

From the steam engine to the forklift to today’s robotic pickers and packers, the history of logistics is also a history of automation. However, few solutions are focused on terminals. There is also some confusion at logistics companies about which advanced equipment they truly need and how to integrate them. EX9 addresses these challenges.

The start-up deploys a complete solution for automating terminal movements of heavy loads (trailers, containers, swap bodies, pallets, etc.) by integrating autonomous electric robot-tractors into a site’s operational process, thereby increasing the pre-loading and “drop & hook” shunting operations rate, improving performance and reducing costs and the risk of accidents. Its core is the Autopilot Turnkey system which is based on a software layer that makes robots intelligent, and the service linked to the IT process management.

Developed in-house for heavy loads, the robot’s Autopilot algorithms are based on AI and computer vision and are trained for a dense and dynamic logistics environment, with the addition of dock door identification, real-time mapping, etc. They give the robot complete freedom of maneuvering, in changing environment and weather conditions, and integrate object detection, trajectory planning, dynamic control of the robot, as well as connectivity with the control tower.

The robot knows where it is, which trailer to pick up, where to drop it off and when, where to park or go back to the charging station etc. As an end-to-end solution, EX9 also ensures the integration into the site’s operational process that includes on-board control, API to the fleet management tool and additional functions such as the remote monitoring, data analytics or tele-driving, adapted to the needs of the robots’ supervisors.

According to Ksenia Duarte, CEO of EX9, “At EX9, we deeply believe that now is the right time to make industries more human-centric, deploy solutions to make supply chain more efficient, and adopt more sustainable ways of production and transport. After a successful pilot with DHL France, we are thrilled to launch globally and help accelerating the progress of automation in Industrial Closed compounds with concrete solutions, thanks to our in-house Autopilot Software focused on Logistics’ use cases and fast deployment tools for operations in real conditions.”

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