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Pothole repairs double across Essex

Significant funding from Essex County Council has resulted in 90% more pothole repairs across the county.

Nearly double the number potholes were repaired across Essex in the last year following significant investment from Essex County Council.

11,949 potholes were transformed from road hazards to smooth surfaces by Essex Highways in 2023 – a 90% increase from 6,280 pothole repairs in 2022.

The increase was made possible by £17.4 million of additional funding for Essex Highways by the council. This included an extra £5.4 million for pothole repairs from the Department for Transport.

The funding meant Essex Highways could hire 11 more crews to carry out significantly more pothole repairs across the county in 2023.

Councillor Tom Cunningham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Sustainable Transport at Essex County Council, said: “90% more pothole repairs is an excellent achievement which Essex Highways has worked hard to deliver.

“Pothole repairs are a top priority for residents and the council’s extra funding has made a real difference. We are committed to improving the county’s highways and making travel safer for road users.

“We also thank central government for its £121 million commitment to road resurfacing until 2034. With the collective efforts of Essex Highways, this will go a long way in propelling us into a decade of sustained road management.” 

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