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Paula Claytonsmith takes over as LCRIG Chief Executive

Paula Claytonsmith has officially started her role as the new Chief Executive of the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG).

Paula, who was previously the organisation’s Director, Government and Strategy, assumed the role at this year’s LCRIG Innovation Festival after taking over from Martin Duffy who has now become Chair of LCRIG.

This means that LCRIG will retain Martin’s knowledge and sector insights, with Paula representing LCRIG full time as Chief Executive to ensure that the group continues to build on its successes with members, partners, government and the sector.

Visitors to this year’s LCRIG Innovation Festival will be able to see a variety of sector-leading outdoor demonstrations and exhibitions, ranging from the repair and reinstatement of roads to the application of connected vehicles. An accompanying conference, which takes place across the morning of both days, will offer delegates the opportunity to hear about skills, emerging technology, maintenance solutions and the latest innovations.

Live demonstrations from 13 companies will take place over the two days of the event. 80 indoor exhibitors and 28 outdoor exhibitors will be showcasing the latest in innovative products and solutions, providing local authorities with a chance to find out about new innovations from the supply chain that will help to meet their current and future challenges.

Speaking at the LCRIG Innovation Festival, Paula thanked Martin for his contribution to LCRIG.

”Martin has done an excellent job as Chief Executive of LCRIG and we are pleased to retain his knowledge and experience as Chair of the organisation. Over the two days of the Innovation Festival I am looking forward to seeing innovation in action. With record numbers attending the event I hope that everyone takes the opportunity to visit the exhibitors and take part in the scoring of our Qualifying Innovators. These are exciting times for LCRIG and I look forward to working with the team as we continue to grow and do more for our members.”

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