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Highways Heroes shortlist announced.

Safer Highways are pleased to announce shortlisted finalists for the National Highways supported, industry-wide Highways Heroes Awards.

Organised by Safer Highways, the awards are the first time the supply chain and the client body have come together to recognise the value and importance of those unsung heroes we put to work everyday

Set up after a time of unprecedented change not only in our industry, but as part of our everyday lives. Safer Highways believes this is the ideal time to celebrate the hard work and success of our workers, who have coped admirably in the face of adversity, to recognise the heroic actions of them which, until now, has gone unnoticed.

The finalists (in no particular order) are:

· Mark Roberts – Galliford Try

· Tony White – Colas

· Ben Charnock and Colliston Edwards – Colas

· Rhianwen Caudron - BAM

· Jules Lindopp and Jason Riley – WJ

· Charlotte Taylor – Morgan Sindall

· Maria Maher - WJ

· Claire Bennett – Solar Gates

· Jamie Forsyth – Amey

· Helen Nurrish – Galliford Try

· Erjon Zhupali – FM Conway

· Wayne Stillwell, Martin Dereck and Chance Dickens – Chevron Traffic Management

· Chris Adams – Chevron Traffic Management

· Lewis Brown, Mohammed Khan, Paul Gardiner – Chevron Traffic Management

· Scott Dowsett, Gary Longhurst, Dean Fitzpatrick, Ryan Weston, Dave Potten – WJ

· Robert Hayley - WJ

· Peter Moore – FM Conway

· Andy Hibbert - A-one+

· Emelyn Bullivant – Carnell Support Services

· Lee Mcallister - Amey

· Kyle Ford – Bear Scotland Faizul Tai Tai, Keiron Chiverton – Highway Traffic Management

· Samuel Winter – FM Conway

· Ewan Darmody - BEAR Scotland

· Luke Waddy, Bernard Laird, Sean O Rourke - VGC, Lingwoods Security, HW Martin

· Nathan Hayes, Joe Meisuria - Atkins Ltd

· Jason Riley – WJ

· Barry Rustill - SPS Security

· Darren Press - Carnell

· Brett Southgate, Tyley Boozer – Highway Care

Whether its saving someone from danger or risk of injury, helping a member of the public to safety, or supporting a team member in the face of abuse the highways heroes’ awards recognise individuals who have coped admirably in the face of adversity, to recognise their heroic actions.

The individuals who have been shortlisted will now all receive a personal invitation to attend the gala evening which is Taking place at QEII Convention Centre on 2nd December 2021, the awards will not only recognise those who have gone above and beyond their duty, but also those that have helped someone or improved a situation, either in the communities they work in or to unconditionally support fellow workers in their team.

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