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Futureproof your business with field management software

Adopting digital field management solutions is the way forward for those working in the construction industries.

“The construction industry hasn’t always been the first to jump on the bandwagon with new tech. Many workers in the UK still prefer to stick to what they know: paper-based processes, accounting software and Microsoft Excel. Unfortunately, this lets inefficiencies creep in: double-handling, manual data entry, physical paperwork, lost/missing paper job cards, and so on. This way of working sucks up time that you can’t charge for and also opens up room for errors.”

Inefficiencies mean more and more companies are adopting field management solutions and throwing out archaic paper-based or legacy systems. In fact, it is projected that in 2023 there will be a “11% increase insoftware spend with strong demand expected across application development, enterprise applications and infrastructure.”

HGInsights state: “IT budgets are seen as protected investments and essential to remain competitive.”Investing in field management software can help keep companies current and competitive in a saturated market.

“Operational excellence in today’s construction industry is essential, so secure mobile access to accurate and reliable project data is bound to make a difference in the job site productivity. Many industry leaders have already come to understand that investments made in mobile construction management software will, in the long run, pay off....”

According to an online study, about 93% of the construction companies agree that digitization is going to influence every one of their processes in coming years. This proves there is an awareness that digital solutions are needed within the sector, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

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mike blight
mike blight
Apr 08

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