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Flood alerts in place across UK with more heavy rain causing chaos

Brits are being urged to take action with a high risk of flooding over the next 24 hours.

A total of 32 flood warnings and 84 flood alerts are currently in place across England and Wales this morning.

This means disruption to roads, homes and businesses is expected after a weekend of wet and windy weather.

Barriers were erected along the River Severn in Worcestershire after it burst its banks yesterday, while downpours in Wiltshire, Carmarthenshire and Herefordshire left fields submerged.

The Met Office has issued two yellow rain warnings for tomorrow, covering parts of North West England, the West Midlands and western Wales.

Flooding of homes and businesses is ‘likely’ and transport will be disrupted.

Interruption to power supplies and other services is also a possibility as strong winds sweep in.

‘Outbreaks of rain will spread across England and Wales during Tuesday,’ the Met Office warns.

‘This will be heaviest and most persistent across parts of Wales, particularly over higher ground.

‘Rainfall totals of 80-100 mm could accumulate over high ground.’

The situation won’t get much better on Wednesday and Thursday as heavy showers and strong winds are also forecast.

It comes as experts warn a ‘pothole crisis’ is gripping the nation as the winter freeze blights roads with cracks and holes.

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