First images of second Automated Cone Laying Machine Unveiled

Updated: May 4

The first images and video of second machine developed as a part of the Automated Cone Laying Machine project have now been unveiled.

The second vehicle which has been developed as part of the Highways England automated cone laying project has now been unveiled - with its first teaser video released on social media by King Highways.

Watch the video Here

Featuring a "revolver" type design to its deployment mechanism, the vehicle also has one significant difference to the alternate machine in that, due to the method of its design, it can also carry a "crash cushion" to the rear of the vehicle, thus further safeguarding the driver in the event of an incursion.

The vehicle has been designed by Verdegro, a Dutch company with a track record in producing automated systems around traffic management and has a capacity of in excess of 400 cones meaning its range will satisfy most traffic management closures with ease.

The project is supported by other Safer Highways members HW Martin and Kier Highways

Both vehicles have been developed in tandem with the Highway Care being the first to undergo on-road trials whilst the King Highways vehicle continues to be trialled in an off-road environment.

Highways England Head of Lean and Continuous Improvement Martin Bolt, who oversees the project, said:

“The implications of these vehicles in protecting the safety of workers are immense and we are delighted that testing is progressing so well. By taking the human element out of laying cones we are eliminating one of the greatest risks for road workers.

“We have received a lot of support from the industry as a whole for the automated vehicle and we are now getting some very positive feedback from those workers who have been trialling the Highways Care prototype on the live roads network.

“If this testing proves as successful as we anticipate it will, motorists could be spotting more of these automated cone laying vehicles on the roads by the end of the year.”

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