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Milner reinstalled as Amey takeover completes

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

After three years away, Andy Milner has been brought back to Amey by its new owners as chief executive.

OEP principal Ante Kusuri added: “When looking at carveouts of corporate assets, we look for companies with strong fundamentals that will allow them to thrive as independent businesses. “Amey is an established business in the UK industrial services sector with a mission critical service offering and a blue-chip customer base.

“We are excited to back Andy and the Amey management team in what we believe is a significant market opportunity to pursue continued growth in the UK market and also abroad.”

Buckthorn partners include former chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond, while the firm's chairman is former sports minister Colin Moynihan – both of whom now sit in the House of Lords on the Conservative Party benches.

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