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Dott and Instant System partner to bring e-scooters and e-bikes to Brussel’s MOVEBXL and Arval Mobil

Sophia Antipolis, France - Instant System and Dott announce a new partnership to fully integrate Dott’s micro-mobility services within Instant System’s MaaS apps. The partnership launches in two apps: MOVEBXL, a public-based MaaS in Brussels, and Arval Mobility, a corporate MaaS solution built with Arval BNP Paribas group. Initially, users of the two apps can see real time information of Dott’s e-scooters, showing location and battery status before being redirected to Dott’s own app for booking. From Q3 of 2022 users will see full integration of the service which means finding, unlocking, and paying for a Dott e-scooter without ever having to leave the application. We are glad to expand our MaaS application Arval Mobility App with this partnership. Our mission is to support our business customers and all their employees to choose the best mobility solutions to meet their needs, for their professional or personal journeys. Our app provides a global range of services, easy to use for all employees. It also gives companies the opportunity to meet CSR, business and human resources challenges.” comments Julie Huyghues Despointes Product Marketing and New Mobility Director Following the first two integrations, the partnership will expand to areas where Dott and Instant System both operate. The full integration provides users with a smoother experience when traveling through a city, providing multiple transport options through a single app - a key ingredient in the success of MaaS and progressing sustainable mobility. Beyond the mobile app integration, the partnership also provides city authorities with deeper insights into the demand for micromobilities, helping form policies that meet their citizens' needs. In the case of MaaS for businesses such as the Arval Mobility app, the full integration of Dott provides companies with more options to improve the daily mobility experience of their employees. “We want to make it as easy as possible for more people to choose our fleet of shared e-scooters and e-bikes to travel across their city in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. This new partnership with Instant System will show more people how Dott can improve travel around their city, whether with a more pleasant commute or an easier way to go and see friends.” said Stephan Croix, CMO, Dott Mobility service providers like Dott have become a valuable part of the daily commute of many today and are shifting the way people travel. We are excited to work with Dott as we believe partnerships like ours will advance sustainable mobility for everyone." Said Farah Khemissi, VP Customer Success, Instant System

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