Vinci Construction - Digital By Desire

VINCI Construction UK’s Building Division, as part of their DigitalByDesire initiative and within their newly launched digital engineering strategy, has signed a 3-year agreement with construction technology integrator SEKTOR for the implementation of Openspace across all our projects.

Openspace is a provider of next-generation Site Progress Capture for construction sites. The use of this solution allows all projects to capture construction records and track progress using: 360° cameras, computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The tool will be adopted as standard on all of the business’s projects. Weekly scans and the AI solution will allow construction progress to be monitored remotely. We expect to save up to 5,200 hours of works per year by adopting Openspace.

Marco Bonelli, Digital Lead of Building Division, said the agreement will allow VINCI to continue the path towards being a leader in adopting cutting edge technology in the construction industry. “The adoption of this technology not only supports the transformation of our processes by bringing together 3D Models, AI and field information.

“It also supports us in keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of building data, in line with the Golden Thread of Information.” Marco said.

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