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Calls for traffic cameras to catch people dropping litter on major roads

A Kent MP has called for traffic cameras to be used to catch litter louts on the county’s major roads including the M25 and A2.

Calling for government action yesterday, Dartford MP Gareth Johnson questioned whether cameras already in place to catch drivers speeding or blocking box junctions could be used to ID people who drop litter.

Speaking during a debate in Parliament, Mr Johnson said: “I am, frankly, sick to death of driving down the A2 and seeing this sea of litter along the side, particularly at junctions. The Darenth interchange is in my constituency, which is in an appalling state.”

“The technology is able to pick up motorists doing almost anything it seems, apart from when they litter.

The Tory MP added: “I would certainly welcome a change in policy so that we use the camera technology that already exists to target those vehicles responsible for rubbish being deliberately thrown on to our motorway verges and to issue fixed penalty notices to the registered keeper of those vehicles.

“That would have some impact on the blight that is hitting our country, alongside our motorways, up and down the country. I would like to see more of that happening.

He said littering was a problem affecting the whole country, adding: “We are seeing a lackadaisical attitude from National Highways, which should be taking the lead and upping its game. The current situation is not tenable.”

During the debate Mr Johnson praised the work of the litter picker groups in Dartford, who he said did a fantastic job.

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