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Blayne Cahill and Gavin Hills Join Board of Directors

​Portsmouth based technical recruitment company Carrington West announces the appointment of Blayne Cahill and Gavin Hills to the board of Directors effective immediately.

Their appointment is the fruition of a five-year EMI scheme for both, meaning that they were awarded shares of the business and have joined the company’s Board.

Both have been instrumental in the growth and success of the business within their functional areas and just as importantly as part of the SLT, and we are delighted to be able to exercise the EMI schemes.

Blayne Cahill joined the business almost 11 years ago and helped Carrington West build a highly successful and market leading highways contract division. Gavin Hills joined Carrington West six years ago as Finance Director, also managing the shared services teams, and bringing the pay-and-bill function in-house.

Managing Director James Fernandes says,

“Without Blayne and Gavin we would not have been able to achieve the impressive growth we have seen over the past few years. Their commitment to shaping and executing our vision has been integral to the positive people culture, growth mindset and service excellence we continually focus our efforts on.”

Cahill and Hills join co-owners James Fernandes, Simon Gardiner, Nick Rowe and Alex Kerr on the Board of Directors.

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