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BAM Infra expands fleet with retrofit electric krol

After the electric roller, the hybrid CPT truck and the electric asphalt spreader, BAM Infrastructure Netherlands its sustainable fleet with a new first: the electric krol. The conversion of the diesel-driven krol to electric took place in a collaboration between BAM Infra, the AMT Group on ELEO.

A krol is another word for a crane on lorries. It is a mobile excavator or crane that has been made suitable for being able to drive on the railway. In this case, the existing BAM krol was still in good condition, but the diesel engine needed to be replaced. That is why BAM Infra decided, together with the AMT Group, to convert the diesel-powered krol into the world’s first fully electrically powered keg.

Battery system ELEO

AMT Group developed the exchangeable battery system for the krol together with ELEO from Helmond. The special construction ensures maximum flexibility in the use of the batteries. The battery system consists of four exchangeable battery packs of 60 kWh each. This ensures that the electric krol can be used with at least one battery pack and with two or more packs it works at maximum power.

Krol-e is expected to be operational for up to eight hours on four fully charged battery packs. The interchangeable packs also offer the option of deploying her for more than eight hours. Then she works on two packs in turn, while the other two packs are charged alternately with DC fast charging.

Substantial CO₂ savings

With the use of the electric krol, BAM-Infra saves 55,000 kg of CO₂ annually. In addition to the emission benefits, the krol-e makes considerably less noise than current machines. More pleasant for the environment and for the employees. Due to its versatility, the hydraulic machine can be used on almost all projects. In addition to an excavator, the krol-e is also suitable as a mobile crane and aerial work platform.

Test projects

The electric coil is unique within the rail sector. In the coming period, BAM-Infra will investigate the possibilities for the charging infrastructure and the krol-e will be tested on various projects. This way she can get to know users and clients at ease and vice versa.

BAM Infra is continuously looking for opportunities to make it more sustainable and thus have a positive environmental impact on and in the area. To this end, the company is developing new initiatives together with partners. Among other things, by investing in sustainable equipment.

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