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New documentary goes behind the scenes at National Highways

A behind the scenes look at how England’s motorways are managed features in Channel 5’s latest documentary looking at the work of National Highways.

The Motorway, which airs from 8pm on Monday, 9 May for the next eight weeks, is the second series of the popular programme which takes a fly on the wall approach to the workings of the company responsible for operating, maintaining and improving motorways and major A roads in England.
Crews from production company Fearless Television spent three months filming with traffic officers, control room operators and maintenance crews across Yorkshire and the North West, focusing mainly on the M62 and adjoining motorways.

It follows on from the first series in 2020 which looked at the day to day running of the M1 in the East Midlands and Yorkshire. National Highways staff can be seen dealing with multi-vehicle collisions, breakdowns, debris and escaped animals. The programme also follows maintenance crews as they carry out resurfacing, collect litter, clear drains and cut grass. National Highways Customer Service Director Mel Clarke said: “The new series of The Motorway shines a light on the sterling work that goes on around the clock to keep the strategic road network running. It shows the complexities of the incidents we deal with on an everyday basis and the challenges we face in keeping our customers on the move. “We hope people enjoy watching the eight new episodes and get an appreciation of just what goes into the day to day running of our motorways.”

Executive Producer for Fearless Television Amanda Murray said: “It was great to get back on the road with National Highways and spend time with the brilliant staff that work such a busy bit of the network, across northern England.
“The series is driven by great characters and great stories and we weren’t short of either. We hope the programmes offer a meaningful and insightful look at the vital work that goes into keeping our motorways moving.   
“We follow as patrol and control room staff deal with everything from high-speed collisions in treacherous weather and cars ablaze – to handling cows on the run and filling potholes in record time.    
“It’s the indefatigable efforts of this often-unseen workforce that take us into a world of the motorways that most of us know little about - and hopefully makes for an engaging, heart-warming and entertaining series.” 
The Motorway can be seen on Channel 5 every Monday from 9 May at 8pm and is also available on My5.
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