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Award-Winning Immersive Training added to SHL!ve line-up

SHL!ve adds award winning training to the line-up for this year's event.

Safer Highways are delighted to announce that this year's SHL!ve event will feature an immersive learning session from the people behind the award winning EPIC, Active Training Team.

As well as a 20 minute keynote session on the benefits of utilising immersive training, the organisation will also be holding a full lunch and learn session in the NEBOSH learning hub where they will deliver their full Your Choice scenario.

Originally developed for TfL’s Surface Transport Division and London Underground, Your Choice is an award-winning, multi-media interactive training session.

The Scenario centres around a situation where the client wants to bring the project in a year early. Is this feasible? If it isn’t, then why doesn’t anybody say so? And how might this decision affect those working on the frontline?

Featuring a blend of video, live acting and audience participation, the session is a must attend for anyone with a passion for keeping the people we put to work safe.

With speakers including Road Safety Campaigner Meera Naran, this year's event takes place on the 29th September at the East Midlands Conference Centre.

The event will incorporate both Respect our Roadworkers week and The Big Idea, with the live final in the afternoon of the full day programme.

SH L!ve is made up of indoor and outdoor exhibition zones showcasing the latest innovation, products, concepts and services in the health, safety and wellbeing sector, alongside several unique feature areas that will bring all the latest insight.

Speaking about the announcement of the sessions, Freya Wells, co-founder of SHL!ve said,

"I am extremely pleased that ATT have agreed to deliver the Your Choice Scenario at this year's SHL!ve event.

"The understanding and learning we can take from these sessions gives our sector understanding we could never get by looking inwardly within just our own industry.

"In order to grow and thrive as a sector we need to accept that we are not the source of all knowledge and actually accept that we can take learning from others.

"In doing so, as we have in the past, we can become a more mature, rounded and inclusive place for people to work.

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