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Amey recruits transport strategy director

Amey has hired Arriva’s former chief commercial officer to help build business in the transport sector.

Danny Gilbert Amey has appointed Danny Gilbert as transportation strategy director. He previously worked for bus and train operator Arriva Group for 15 years before leaving earlier this year. His brief at Amey is to build relationships and alliances across clients, industry organisations and the supply chain. Peter Anderson, managing director of Amey’s transport infrastructure division, said: “Danny’s knowledge and relationships will enable us to use our engineering and operational expertise to help Amey and our clients meet these ambitions and transform the communities we within we deliver.” Danny Gilbert added: “Working in harmony with our clients and stakeholders across the UK is key to ensure the value of infrastructure is both recognised and realised. Transforming infrastructure through the data-enabled digitalisation of services to improve mobility is critical to deliver a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive economy that benefits local people and local places.”

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