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A14 westbound reopens after road surface cracks are repaired

The A14 in mid-Suffolk has reopened after the road surface started to break up on Friday afternoon.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, National Highways: East tweeted that the carriageway defect on the A14 westbound between J49 and J47 near Woolpit has been repaired by contractors.

The road has now reopened and there are no longer delays in the area.

The incident comes after the A140 near Mickfield was closed on Wednesday due to the condition of the road surface.

It is unclear whether the cracks were caused by the heatwave at the end of last week, with Friday confirmed as the hottest day of the year so far.

Roads are, however, built in preparation for these moments, and National Highways’ design and build standards are considered best practice and adopted in other countries.

All of the trunk road network is very resilient to high temperatures and over half of the network is covered with low noise surfacing, which is extremely resistant to heat. Most of the remainder is covered in a heat-resistant asphalt mix.

The repairs will help improve the safety of the road surface, but will also provide a smoother and quieter journey for road users. Rather than repairing the potholes and cracking, the whole carriageway will be reconstructed and re-laid to ensure a smoother and safer ride.

Once complete, National Highways expects the life of the road surface to be extended by up to 50 more years, with fewer future closures for maintenance repairs, meaning more reliable journeys for road users.

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