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70 drivers caught speeding on Devon road in just one hour

Police caught 70 drivers speeding on the same road in just one hour. According to Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team, officers have been working with Dartmouth Police on College Way where speeding continues to be an issue.

Police say vehicles including cars, motorcycles and towing trucks were all caught speeding in the area which has a limit of 30mph. In a statement on Twitter, a police spokesperson wrote: "Working with Dartmouth Police on College Way (30mph) where speeding persists to be an issue. 70 offences detected in 1 hour! Including cars, motorcycles, towing and trucks.

"Top speed: 50mph Worst offenders stopped and further checks made at the roadside."

It comes following reports that new speed cameras in Devon have caught more than 3,000 speeding drivers in the first few days of them going live. The four new high-tech bi-directional speed cameras have only been in operation for just over a week.

But already in total, the four cameras – which have been operational for between seven and 15 days - have detected 3,280 speeding offences. One of the cameras has been activated about 120 times per day in the first two weeks, while another detected a driver travelling at 73mph on a 30mph road.

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