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Wrexham Council want your before finalising new traffic rules for some city centre roads

Wrexham Council is considering potential updates to Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) in the city centre, including rules around one-way streets, disabled parking bays, pedestrian zones and on-street parking.

The Traffic Orders will be publicised in expensive adverts in the back of a newspaper, a move that Welsh Conservatives and Plaid Cymru teamed up to back as value for money and a subsidy for a specific legacy business sector in Wales. This type of thing takes place up and down Wales, and cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds just in TROs for the recent 20MPH roll out.

Bizarrely rather than communicate in that clearly optimum manner for on what will make up the traffic order, Wrexham Council are communicating to you digitally.

The council say the aim of the outreach exercise is to help keep both pedestrians and drivers safe, and although many of the updated TROs would simply reinforce existing arrangements, there would be changes along some roads and streets if the proposals were adopted.

The proposed changes include:

  • Electronically controlled ‘rise-and-fall bollards’ to restrict access to Yorke Street.

  • Extended parking bays on Yorke Street, which will be designated as taxi bays.

  • One-way traffic along parts of Vicarage Hill, Hill Street and Regent Street.

  • Changing the laybys on Rhosddu Road (outside the Nat-West bank) and Holt Street (next to Ty Pawb) into disabled parking bays.

The council is writing to residents and businesses located near the roads affected, but is also inviting the wider public to get in touch with any views. Just email for more information.

The deadline for submitting views is August 9 (2024).

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