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UK's 'most-flooded road' breaks record after being submerged for 3 months

Britain's "most-flooded road" has set a new record after being submerged for more than 12 weeks.

The A1101 Welney Wash Road in Norfolk has been repeatedly closed due to flooding caused by a nearby river overflowing, leaving local residents frustrated.

Despite some sections of the road being submerged under almost 4ft (1.2 metres) of water, some people have still tried to cross the flooded area, including a lorry driver who recently had to be rescued after getting stuck in the water.

Now, after 87 days underwater, residents in the village of Welney say the flooding is forcing them to take a 22-mile diversion while also inflicting a heavy toll on local businesses.

Farmer Ken Goodger, 67, said the road never used to flood and has pleaded with Norfolk County Council to take action. He believes the title of Britain's most flooded road is deserved, but added: "I should imagine there are people who don't want that title – they would rather have a road to drive on. Our village pub struggles when the road's closed. It's the 87th day the road has officially been flooded. Before this, the maximum we were aware of was 85 days.

"Twenty years ago it didn't flood at all. The river overspills due to excessive rainfall. They flood the road because they have to wait for the water to go out to sea. It is supposed to flood, but in times of rainfall it causes issues."

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