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TfL seeking to ban more climate activists from blocking roads

Transport for London (TfL) is looking to secure an injunction that would prevent named Just Stop Oil protesters from disrupting and blocking major roads in London.

On Wednesday, the High Court agreed to a similar order stopping more than 100 members of Insulate Britain from causing disruption through such protests.

The order prevents these protesters from blocking 34 key areas across the city for five years. At a hearing at the same court on Thursday, TfL lawyers began a bid to secure a similar final injunction against named Just Stop Oil protesters. Mr Justice Eyre is expected to give his ruling at a later date, after hearing arguments from TfL and some protesters who attended court.

Image caption, Insulate Britain caused disruption outside the Houses of Parliament in 2021

On Wednesday, Mr Justice Morris, agreed to TfL's request for a temporary injunction against Insulate Britain to become a final injunction.

The order prevents the blocking of roads in key locations across London, such as bridges and junctions along the A4 and North Circular, for five years.

Mr Justice Morris concluded that "ensuing harm" from future protests could be "grave and irreparable".

Arrests have been made over a number of incidents involving both Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain.

Image caption, Two Just Stop Oil protesters scaled the Dartford Crossing in October

Mr Justice Morris said he had taken into account “the sincerity of the protesters’ views on what is an important matter of public interest”, adding that the existing injunction against Insulate Britain would be reviewed annually.

Just Stop Oil aims to stop the government from investing in new fossil fuel projects. Last month, two of its members were jailed after scaling the Dartford crossing back in October. Meanwhile, Insulate Britain caused disruption between September and November by blocking a number of junctions along the M25.

The group is asking for social housing to be better insulated to improve energy efficiency and consequently lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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