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Swansea selects second Multihog solution based on road repair success

The City and County of Swansea Council has selected a second Multihog machine to self-deliver permanent patch repairs after their first Multihog massively improved operational efficiency and productivity.

The Multihog and planer attachment has fast become the UK’s chosen method for permanently repairing various sized potholes, patches, and defects due to its productive outputs, safety benefits and operational performance.

Swansea first opted for Multihog back in 2017, complete with 400mm wide planer attachment, dust suppression and brush bucket lifter, enabling the Council to carry out permanent and high-quality repairs across the county as Tony Oates, Highways Project Engineer explains:

“The Multihog has proven to be a tried and tested solution for The City and County of Swansea Council’s teams to improve our service delivery whilst working to tight financial budgets and other local authority constraints”.

Our operators find the machines easy to use, comfortable to drive and safer by eradicating hand-arm-vibration-exposure to our teams.

The Multihog has exceptionally high planing performance to get the job done efficiently with complete control over the required quantity of material to eliminate wastage and save costs”.

Since then, the Council has already seen daily road repair outputs more than double in comparison to previous traditional methods used. Their second Multihog will now enable them to achieve over 200m² of repairs per day, greatly benefiting the local network and road users whilst keeping down costs.

This compact and powerful one machine solution can travel to site itself without the need for additional transportation vehicles whilst the machine can also plane and sweep defective sites in a single visit for fix-first-time approach.

The machine’s dust suppression system features a 250-litre water tank siting to the rear of the machine which feeds water to the planer and sweeper attachments eliminating dust exposure to operatives and the public.

The entire operation is simply controlled from the comfort of the cab, including planer depth control, side-shift, and tilt to produce an accurate and even finish. The machines articulated design allows for an effective crosscut to reduce the need for hand tools and eliminate HAVS whilst producing a straight edge.

The Multihog is unique because of its ability to accept a diverse range of over 40 different attachments for winter maintenance, vegetation clearance and highways applications, which can be integrated within a couple of minutes without the need for any mechanical tools.

Multevo, who sell, hire and service the equipment, have been the exclusive UK Distributor for the Multihog range since 2010 and has seen the success of the machine first-hand as Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing and Growth explains:

“We can call around 40% of local authorities our customers because there is no more proven planer solution for pothole and patch repairs out there. We use the kit ourselves to deliver a permanent patching service for this reason and this is why our hire fleet has grown to over 55 machines with a further 10 on order from the factory to keep up with growing demand.”

To learn more about the Multihog please contact Multevo on 01254 703 212 or email

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