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Suffolk County Council to invest £10m in fixing smaller roads

A £10m plan to give roads in villages and residential areas in Suffolk "some love and attention" has been announced.

Suffolk County Council said the extra funding would almost double its £11m annual roads maintenance budget.

It said it would be targeted at smaller residential streets which were typically maintained less frequently than busier A and B roads.

Conservative council leader Matthew Hicks said the money would be spent over the next 20 months.

Mr Hicks, who made the announcement at the authority's annual general meeting, said: "Let me be clear - the state of some of our roads is not good enough.

"That is why I am announcing a major investment to improve roads across the county where people live - those smaller roads often in estates or off the beaten track in our villages that are rutted and in need of some love and attention."

He said the work would be delivered with the council's new partner Milestone.

The funding is subject to a formal cabinet decision which would follow later this year.

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