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Streatham High Road: Conflicting speed limit signs cause confusion

Road users have been left confused by conflicting speed limit signs on a south London road.

Painted road markings indicating that Streatham High Road was a 20mph zone appeared next to an existing 30mph sign on the busy thoroughfare last week.

Transport for London (TfL) confirmed the speed limit on the road remained 30mph but it would become 20mph in December.

The speed reduction would improve road safety, TfL said


Driver Alex Mapp, 41, said he did a double take when he passed the conflicting signs on his way back from the supermarket.

He told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS): "I slowed down because of the new road markings, but then seeing that sign totally threw me off.

"It made me question if I was seeing okay. It's ridiculous that no one spotted this when they were drawing the new signs on the road.

"I come down here regularly, but can you imagine if you didn't know the area? It's very confusing."

'It's idiotic'

Commuter Florence McCallum said other drivers seemed spooked by the conflicting signs.

She said: "It's so idiotic. You have drivers slowing down then speeding up and then slamming the brakes on again.

"It's so, so confusing for everyone. Nobody knows what they're doing. It needs sorting out soon."

A local resident, who declined to be named, supported the introduction of the 20mph speed limit, adding: "People go way too fast down here all the time."

A TfL spokesperson said: "To reduce deaths and serious injuries on the roads, we are currently in the process of introducing 65km (40 miles) of new 20mph speed limits in Lambeth and other boroughs in south London."

They confirmed the speed limit would remain at 30mph until the reduction took effect in December.

"We are installing new signs and all signage will be updated before the lower speed limit comes into force," the spokesperson added.

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