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Stockport Council and Transport for Greater Manchester plant new trees across Stockport.

Hundreds of trees are currently being planted across Stockport as part of the ongoing re-development of the new town centre transport interchange.

Construction of the new interchange, which is set to support the wider regeneration of Stockport town centre, has involved the removal of some existing trees and vegetation on the site and, in line with Stockport Council’s strict approach to preserving greenery, these are now not only being replaced but doubled in number.

Construction of the multi-million pound mixed-use development, which is set to include a new two-acre ‘podium park’ on the roof of the building and 196 high-quality residential apartments, first got underway in August 2021.

Work completed on site so far has included the demolition of the old town-centre bus station, site clearance, extensive of groundworks and the commencement of core construction works. This construction activity is now well underway, with works to progress the new cycling and walking link to Station Road moving ahead and both the distinct oval outline of the new interchange and the residential building beginning to take shape.

The project, which represents part of a major £1bn investment in Stockport, is being delivered by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), Stockport Council, and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

The new public park on the roof of the interchange, alongside the new walking and cycling link to Station Road and the Mersey River frontage, will form a new green space for people in the heart of the town centre and provide further opportunities for landscaping and tree planting. Some of the new trees will be planted as part of the new development ahead of the opening in 2024, while others are already being planted in locations across Stockport, including parks, church yards, recreational grounds and on roundabouts.

Tree planting will continue until the spring, but Cllr Mark Roberts has already visited London Square Park to lend a hand in planting one of the new trees.

Cllr Mark Roberts, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change at Stockport Council, said: “The Interchange is a key part of our borough’s £1billion transformation and the planting of new and replacement trees across the borough is an incredibly important aspect of the work that has been taking place.

“To tackle and adapt to climate change we need to plant more trees. They help to absorb carbon, soak up excess water in storms and create shade in heatwaves while providing homes and food for the creatures we share Stockport with. Climate change is a huge and complex issue but we can all play our part.

“Once the trees have been established they will have a positive impact on the people and wildlife of our borough and will help tackle both the climate and ecological emergencies that we are all facing.”

Chris Barnes, Head of Projects at TfGM, added: “It’s very exciting to see the Stockport Mixed Use development take shape, with work now progressing at a significant pace.

“The inclusion of green space has always been integral to this project, and we are delighted to be planting so many new trees both on the interchange site and across the wider borough as part of our work on the development.”

The Stockport Interchange forms a core part of the Town Centre West regeneration district, a 130-acre site that will see new housing, leisure, workspace and amenities delivered alongside these major transport and infrastructure improvements. The Town Centre West transformation plans are being delivered by the Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC), working alongside public and private sector partners, including TfGM and Homes England.

Once complete it will be a key transport hub, and a critical element of the Bee Network – a fully-integrated transport network bringing together trams, buses, walking, wheeling, cycling and eventually trains in Greater Manchester.

It will provide easy access to Stockport town centre for people from across Greater Manchester and further afield, create new and improved links between the railway station, the interchange and the town centre and link up with the wider cycling network in the area.

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