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'State of the art' AI speed cameras hit UK roads and drivers 'can see where they're situated'

Drivers have been warned over new 'state-of-the-art' AI road cameras rolling out this week. Safer Roads Humber said a new National Highways camera would be in use throughout the week, starting today, Monday, June 10.

Drivers can see where the mobile cameras are likely to be situated through the daily enforcement schedule on the Safer Roads Humber website. However, not all locations are listed on the schedule, so motorists should take care and exercise caution when driving in the region.#

Humberside Police, in partnership with Safer Roads Humber, will be at several other sites throughout the week that are not listed below. Humberside Police reserves the right to enforce speed limits on any road, at any time.

A spokesperson for Safer Roads Humber said: "It uses artificial intelligence to identify motorists potentially breaking the law. The image is then sent to an officer who completes a secondary check and only those committing offences will be prosecuted."

Ian Robertson, partnership manager at the road safety organisation, said: "This state-of-the-art equipment increases our enforcement capability. Our current safety camera vans can already detect mobile phone users, seat belt offences and other offences, such as careless driving, but this specialist equipment gives us added capacity.”

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