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Stamp it Out moves a step closer to reality with launch of pilot of conflict management training

Industry wide Stamp it Out programme takes a further step forward with commencement of the pilot of its conflict management training pilot course.

Stamp it Out, the industry wide programme to eliminate worker abuse took another significant step forward this week with the launch of the pilot of its conflict management train the trainer course.

Taking place at the Balfour Beatty - Flannery training centre, the course was delivered to 8 willing volunteers who all have been specifically selected for their pre-existing training skills and who will, through their feedback, sculpt the finalised scheme of works for the programme, which commences rollout in March 2022.

Led by Safer Highways, Stamp it Out is an ambitious programme which is driving to eliminate firstly roadwork abuse with a broader ambition to cascade learning and best practice into the broader transportation and infrastructure sector.

Speaking about the launch of the pilot scheme, Paula Parsons, Operations Manager at Tilbury Douglas who has spearheaded the implementation of the Stamp it Out Conflict Management & Personal Safety training with Maybo stated,

"It is a great moment to see the first cohort of trainers starting the conflict Management & Personal Safety Training. I am proud after over a year of hard work in the background we can now launch this training to industry. The engagement by our future trainers was overwhelming, and feedback on situational instances of abuse we have seen on our roads only goes to support that this training is needed"

Delivered by Maybo and accredited by the Institute of Conflict Management, the training forms one of three key elements of the Stamp it Out programme, which are:

  • An effective reporting tool - delivered in partnership with FYLD, which incorporates Artificial Intelligence to actively predict risk as well as to provide a central reporting repository across the whole highways network

  • A train the Trainer course designed to enable a fully scalable and self sustainable approach to conflict management

  • A public-facing media campaign supported by National Highways and Transport Scotland entitled #wearethegoodguys which will will launch as part of the inaugural Respect our Roadworkers week in March 2022.

Speaking about the launch Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways, the project sponsor said,

"Stamp it Out is something which I have passion and affinity for and am proud to throw the weight of Safer Highways behind.

"The abhorrent levels of abuse our people are subjected to is completely unacceptable and something we must now take a stand against.

For more information on the programme visit

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