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South Lanarkshire Council will combat litter on rural roads in Clydesdale this week

South Lanarkshire Council workers will tackle litter on rural roads in Clydesdale as part of an ongoing clean-up programme.

Teams will be clearing discarded waste along the roads from Monday, March 18, until

Tuesday, March 26, in various locations.

Time spent on each road will depend on volumes of litter, length of the road, and weather conditions.

Sections of each road will have to be reduced to one lane while work is being carried out between 9am until 3.30pm daily.

Drivers are being encouraged to be prepared for possible delays or to consider other routes.

Chair of the council’s community and enterprise resources committee, councillor Robert Brown (Rutherglen South), said: “Every year, it is becoming increasingly more disappointing that so much time and money is quite literally wasted clearing up rubbish that could have and should have been disposed of responsibly.

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