Second Episode of 'This Podcast will Change your Mind' now available

Safer Highways is pleased to announce and publicise that the second in a series of podcasts covering the taboo subjects around mental health and its contributory factors has now launched online

The series entitled "This Podcast will change your mind" is hosted by one of our Mental Health Taskforce members Jamie Forsyth, himself a Bipolar sufferer who is now using his own experiences to help, educate and provide support for others who suffer challenges with their own wellbeing.

As a member of the Safer Highways led "Road to Wellbeing" Taskforce Jamie is a champion of mental health within his own organisation Amey and also an ardent campaigner around mental health. During the first lockdown he produced a series of self-help videos for employees of the organisation in an attempt to 'do his bit' to support his colleagues.

Jamie's own personal rollercoaster journey over the last 10 years went from prison officer to prisoner as he went undiagnosed as a suffer of Bipolar and then to rebuilding his life by becoming a Health, Safety and Wellbeing Lead alongside his day job as an Ops controller at Amey.

In the second of his podcasts which focus on real people with real challenges, Jamie talks to Samantha Browne.

Sam is part of a very small percentage of people who can say she has survived being human trafficked. She had to endure years of constant humiliation, torture, sexual abuse and was also subject to satanic ritual abuse.

Her story is both horrific and inspiring. She is living proof that with hope, anything is possible and recovery is likely.

Speaking about the conversation, which Safer Highways is sharing as part of our "one big conversation" series Jamie said'

"In our conversation, we discuss how she came to be in such a vulnerable position, how her resilience helped her escape and how this has affected her mental wellbeing going forward.

"She now runs various projects and charities and is an activist and public speaker for the anti-child exploitation movement. She has done talks for me at Amey and I would highly recommend her.

"There are many contributory factors to poor mental health and hearing from others, I hope, will give others the inspiration to realise that they are not alone."

The podcast is available to listen to free by clicking on the link below

If anything discussed in this podcast effects you then please use the sites and numbers listed in the podcast description box through whichever listening platform you use.

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