Safer Highways Launches ARCO innovation in Health, Safety & Wellbeing Challenge

Safer Highways is launching a new competition that will see SME’s get the chance to pitch their innovative ideas for safety, health and wellbeing solutions to Tier 1 contractors with view of getting funding to help make their ideas a reality, as part of this year’s SH Live.

The Innovation in Health, Safety and Wellbeing Challenge, sponsored by Arco, a new feature at SH Live, will showcase SME’s and start-up companies developing solutions to enhance health, safety and wellbeing across not only the highways sector, but beyond.

The challenge, will be divided into wo categories, which are as follows:

*Innovation in Health and Wellbeing-product, services or thought leadership

*Innovation in Safety-product, services or thought leadership

The submissions for the Challenge will open today (4th March) and close on June 15th at which point submissions will be shortlisted and those successful will be invited to demonstrate to a panel of experts in early July, where the finalists will be chosen.

The competition is open to SME’s and start-up companies with a turnover of under £2 million whose product or service has been in development for less than two year’s who can actively demonstrate significant benefits to health, safety and wellbeing across the industry. Suggested entrants could come from the personal protective equipment sector, the ITS sector-demonstrating how technology is driving change in the safety sector, those seeking to improve air quality/the environment or alternatively, those using technology to better improve wellbeing.

“But don’t let this be a barrier to you, out-of-the-box thinking is strongly encouraged as we look to bring together all the very latest thinking in health, safety and wellbeing. This new Innovation in Health, Safety and Wellbeing Challenge aims to recognise and support all the SME’s and start-ups in the sector because these are the ideas that will eventually thrive, grow and ultimately provide solutions to making road workers and road users safer. We are very excited to see what products, services and thought leadership will be entered,” says Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways.

Companies interested in entering should in the first instance email: for an entry form.

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