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Safer Highways and Social Value Enterprise to collaborate on Stamp it Out worksite signage

Safer Highways are delighted to announce a collaboration with Nuneaton signs as it drives to eradicate worksite abuse from members of the public. The partnership will involve the production of a series of white labelled information board templates for organisations to place at the start of roadworks carrying a zero tolerance message around abuse of roadworkers. The signs form the latest development for the Stamp it Out campaign following the successful pilot of the abuse reporting app in Southampton which moves into a phased roll out across the supply chain in 2023. Speaking about the partnership with Nuneaton Signs, Stamp it Out project lead, Kevin Robinson said, “Abuse of the workforce has long been a challenge our industry needed to tackle with a ‘front foot’ approach. “Through the Stamp it Out programme we aim to drive forward in making abuse of the workforce societally socially unacceptable. “Our app and central repository for the gathering of data was the first step on that journey, but our biggest challenge has always been to educate the workforce that abuse is not ‘part of the job’ and needs to be called out. “Through the deployment of signs, which aspirationally we hope to see every worksite across England and Wales adopt, we are, as an industry, showing those we put to work on the public highway that abuse will not be tolerated.” Founded in 1982 Nuneaton Signs are a social enterprise who provide meaningful jobs and training for those with disabilities. With a turnover now in excess of £5 Million, the organisation now has 73 employees, 69% have a disability, many of whom would have found employment a challenge to come by. Nuneaton Signs are also incredibly proud to be in their second year of running a Supported Intern Program helping those leaving SEND education gain valuable genuine work experience and life skills. Speaking about the partnership, Michelle York, Commercial Director at Nuneaton signs explained why they were keen to become involved in the Stamp it Out programme, and the aligned values of the two organisations. “Here at Nuneaton Signs we are incredibly proud of our work family, and do everything possible to help each person be ‘The best you, that you can be’. We were honoured when Stamp It Out approached us to be their nominated signage supplier for this project, as we firmly believe that everyone should feel safe and valued in their work. Purchasing your signs from Nuneaton Signs means that you are part of building a community that is not biased and allows everyone to participate in society. All of us deserve to be valued and it is time we celebrate our differences.” As the campaign gathers pace in 2023 templates for the signage will be made available through the Stamp it Out website and continued rollout of the app culminating in a ministerial summit at the House of Lords in June.

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