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RSMA Publishes STANSPEC 2022

The Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) has today published STANSPEC 2022 – The Standard Specification for Horizontal Road Markings and Road Studs.

STANSPEC 2022 addresses the supply and installation of white and yellow permanent road marking materials and retro-reflecting road studs. The document provides a template for shared understanding between RSMA members and their clients, addresses prescribed performance standards and aims to assist Local Authority Highways employees in the planning of road marking works, preparing invitations to tender and during contract negotiations.

STANSPEC 2022 incorporates elements from CS 126 – Inspection and assessment of road markings and road studs. The appendices based on CS 126 advise as to when road markings and road studs should be inspected, when a marking or stud becomes a “critical defect” and when they should be replaced; ensuring that road markings and road studs on the Local Authority network are maintained to an acceptable standard and road safety is not compromised.

The document is provided free of charge to Local Authorities across the country and feedback is positively encouraged. In July 2023 the RSMA shall review all feedback received to ensure that STANSPEC 2022 remains relevant to RSMA contractors and their clients.

Stu McInroy, RSMA Chief Executive said: “We are pleased to make STANSPEC 2022 available to all RSMA members and Local Authorities. It is paramount that road markings are installed and maintained to a high standard and I urge Local Authority Highways employees to embrace it, to achieve value for money solutions for Local Authorities and the UK taxpayer.”

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