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Rees Jeffreys Road MSc Bursary Scheme.

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund Trustees are pleased to announce that we will once again be running our Transport MSc Bursary programme for the academic year 2024-5.

The Trustees are hoping to encourage more applications to study for a transport related MSc – both from people who are new to the transport sector and people who are currently employed in the sector who may wish to add to their professional skills or


Bursaries are available for a range of transport related topics and are aimed at students who would not be able to afford to study without the Bursary. There will be up to eight bursaries of £10,000 each awarded for the academic year starting 2024-25. The Bursaries are released in stage payments over the period of study.

The Fund is looking to provide financial support for people with a strong commitment to developing a new career or further developing their existing career centred in the Transport Sector in the UK. Applications are welcome from students of any age and background, including applicants who are mid-career. Bursaries are available for both full and part time studies and are intended to cover course fees.

People interested in studying for a transport related MSc should initially speak to one of the 13 universities who run transport related MSc programmes. They are listed on our website Bursaries Available from Rees Jeffreys - Rees Jeffreys Road Fund The deadline for universities to apply for a Bursary on behalf of students is 10am Friday 28th June 2024.

Chair of the Trustees Ginny Clarke said, “As Trustees of the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund we believe roads really matter to all of us, whether we’re making journeys as drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists. The professionalism, knowledge and expertise of those working in the highways sector is therefore vital to ensure that roads work well for everyone.”

“We are keen to continue the life work of our founder William Rees Jeffreys by supporting today’s highways professionals to have access to high quality professional education, by funding once again the MSc bursary scheme and look forward to hearing how this supports people to progress their careers.”

Inspiration from past MSc bursary recipients:

Douglas Gilmour, Global Business Development Manager at TomTom, studied for an M.A. in Transport Economics at the University of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies in 2005.

Douglas says, “Having a dedicated year to study a transport-related masters was instrumental in advancing my career. With post-graduate training and an advanced understanding of transport economics and modelling, I was able to shift from a career in project-dependent consulting to pathways in policy-making and practice. It gave me confidence, credibility and knowledge, enabling me to take up a role in support transport modelling and appraisal, and later, data, which is essential to both.

I’d recommend post-graduate studies in transport to anyone who feels trapped in their job or a career path they are unsure about. I’d also recommend it to those who love transport but want to understand more and influence more effectively. It’s a big step to leave a job for a year but it’s totally worth it. Rees Jeffreys funding made that step a lot easier for me and others.”

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund Bursary recipient Douglas Gilmour who was awarded a bursary to study Transport Economics at the University of Leeds in 2005.

Olivia Hammond was awarded a bursary in 2022 to study for an MSc in Transport and Planning at Cardiff University.

Olivia says, “With the support of the Rees Jeffreys Road fund, it made it possible to start my transport planning journey by undertaking a masters in Transport and Planning at Cardiff University. This course highlighted to me the pivotal role that transport systems play within towns and cities, giving me the opportunity to gain an expansive insight into the dynamic and intricate world of transport and mobility. Whilst studying I found a particular interest in sustainable transport, and the importance of integrating sustainable concepts into future transport planning and policy.

Olivia goes on to say, “Receiving the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund bursary and undertaking my Transport and Planning Masters has enabled me to realise my desire to contribute towards shaping the future of mobility in a sustainable, fair and innovative way, and is the start of what I hope to be a meaningful and exciting career within the transport planning industry.”

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund MSc Bursary recipient Olivia Hammond who was awarded a bursary to study Transport and Planning MSc at Cardiff University in 2022, at her graduation.

Ben Jones also studied for his MSc in Transport and Planning at Cardiff University in 2021/2022. He says, “After building up 15 years of work experience in the highways and transportation industry, the best career advice I have ever been given is that you’re never too late to go back to University and gain the relevant academic qualifications.”

Ben goes on to say, “Receiving this bursary has allowed me to study to the best of my ability, support networking and professional development, helped to alleviate stress and to address some of the additional challenges that I face with my disability”. Ben is now a Senior Transport Planner at Callidus Transport and Engineering, running the Cardiff office.

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund MSc Bursary recipient Ben Jones who was awarded a bursary to study Transport and Planning MSc at Cardiff University in 2022, at his new office.

Further case studies are available on the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund website

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