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Re-flow Field Management review by City TM

City Traffic Management has once again partnered with Re-flow, the award-winning field service management software provider to share the many benefits their business has experienced since adopting the system. As a long-term Re-flow client, City TM has already shared how the mobile workforce management solution has helped them almost completely cut out wasteful paper systems, and streamline their operation processes by making large savings in available time and finding the flexibility to grow sustainably.

Recently, the Re-flow team had the privilege of sending up their film crew to document how City TM has since been taking advantage of the software to expedite the identification and mitigation of vehicle defects, improve cross-team communication, enable on-site safety with quick and accurate near-miss tracking, increase profitability and more.

If you're looking for a cloud based solution in job management software and workflow automation, Re-flow Field Management is here to help.

Live demo today and qualify for a free trial. Call 01392 574002 or find out more at

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